If you are looking to offer your athletic abilities so that others can experience the thrill of a race...., welcome to Team Hoyt Canada!!!

On Team Hoyt Canada, runners are the athletes who serve their athletic rider selflessly by fundraising and guiding their rider with a disability in a race.

Each runner is paired with two other runners who take turns in a given race pushing their athletic rider.  Why a team?  First, we want our athletic riders to safely cross the finish line. Second, it’s our mission to build lasting, authentic relationships between people of all abilities.  So get two of your friends together and commit to making a difference!


Is your heart moved to help those with ability needs? As a volunteer, you will provide the selfless support that will make a difference on race day! Opportunities include..

*  Taking pictures and video
*  Working the family hospitality tent
*  Promoting Team Hoyt Canada during expos
*  Accommodating the needs of Athletic Riders and Runners
*  Supporting the teams at the start and finish line
*  Assisting teams in transitions or relay exchanges
*  Transportation of Athletic Riders and Runners
*  Setting up and breaking down equipment

Athletic Riders - is anyone with Diverse abilities


Lend a Helping Hand


Running with a purpose...make a difference!

Participants & Volunteers

Don't wait for Inspiration the inspiration!

With Team Hoyt Canada, Individuals with disabilities (physical/developmental) get to do it all! They are the "Heart” with a team of “Runners”  running with them through an entire race, guaranteeing their personal moment of glory as they cross the finish. This is something so many of us take for granted.

In order to make this happen we require many volunteers for various activities.

Please sign up for a position you are most interested in:

I am interested in being a Volunteer
I am interested in being an “Runner” (pushing a chair)
I am interested in being a “Athletic Rider” (an individual with diverse abilities)


Children, teens, adults and Veterans are all invited to become a rider!

With Team Hoyt Canada, Athletic Riders are the leaders of their “Team”.  Each team consists of one Athletic Rider and three Runners (able bodied athletes who assist their Athletic Rider by pushing and pulling the racing equipment).

An Athletic Rider is anyone with a disability!  We support individuals with various disabilities needing different levels of support.  Athletic Riders who need the support of a race chair, we have a wide range of fitting options based on your needs.

Athletic Riders can choose to participate with Runners of their choosing.  Or, Team Hoyt Canada will pair Athletic Riders with their Runners.

Families and caregivers, we love to have you as part of the team as well!  Be an Runner or Volunteer on race day.

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